Linda Wesner Art

Have you ever found a bundle of old letters or photos – yours or your family’s – and felt that tug of emotion between past and present? That is the feeling I try to create in my realistic colored pencil drawings, paintings, and quirky collages.

Hidden Key: March 10, 2019

Old Florida still remains, secluded and still, for seekers.

Early Morning Flight: March 3, 2019

We’re untethered from daily routine, ready to connect with people and places.

A Cold Night: February 24, 2019

We gather in the warm kitchen as the winter sun paints the sky red.

Mom’s Kitchen: February 17, 2019

My mother’s kitchen, teakettle ready for instant coffee on her GE stove. (High School sketchbook, circa 1965)

Sit For Awhile: February 10, 2019

My old chairs gather around the table, waiting for dinner and conversation.

River of Dreams: February 3, 2019

In deep winter, we dream of distant river journeys.

Seeking Place: January 27, 2019

We seek our place , aligning earth to sky.

Delaware Crossing 5: January 20, 2019

The old house waits for the next train to rumble past.

Silence of Snow: January 13, 2019

We pause, catching our breath, as the woods slumber under snow’s thick blanket.

Rushing River: January 6, 2019

We stand, mesmerized, by the river’s relentless flow in time.