Linda Wesner Art

Have you ever found a bundle of old letters or photos – yours or your family’s – and felt that tug of emotion between past and present? That is the feeling I try to create in my realistic colored pencil drawings, paintings, and quirky collages.

Books For Sale: July 25, 2021

We still love to browse used books outside a shop.

Hidden Gem: July 18, 2021

A surprise flashes among fields as we speed along the interstate.

Behind Old Doors: July 11, 2021

Walking along uneven sidewalks, we imagine the past.

Nine Brothers: July 4, 2021

We wonder about the farm house facing the lonely Ohio road.

Summer Breezes: June 27, 2021

Gentle summer breezes soothe our thoughts.

Pond Pathways: June 20, 2019

We pause along the pond, renewed in mind and body.

River Musings: June 13, 2021

We plan trips to faraway places beyond the river’s bend.

June Shadow: June 6, 2021

We pass through light and shadow many times in our lives.

Hay Wagon: May 30,2021

Proper hay loading is an art.

Summer Heat: May 23, 2021

Once again eating outdoors, strolling sidewalks, and enjoying the sun.