Linda Wesner Art

Have you ever found a bundle of old letters or photos – yours or your family’s – and felt that tug of emotion between past and present? That is the feeling I try to create in my realistic colored pencil drawings, paintings, and quirky collages.

Delaware Crossing 5: January 20, 2019

The old house waits for the next train to rumble past.

Silence of Snow: January 13, 2019

We pause, catching our breath, as the woods slumber under snow’s thick blanket.

Rushing River: January 6, 2019

We stand, mesmerized, by the river’s relentless flow in time.

Destinations Unknown: December 30, 2018

What trains will you catch in the coming new year?

Heavenly Peace: December 23, 2018

May you find peace and love in the everyday splendor of your life.

Weight of Snow: December 16, 2018

 Stories of my father’s barn within a universe of snow. 

Dusk in the City: December 9, 2018

That magical moment of dusk when lights illuminate the street.

Finding the Tree: December 2, 2018

Discovering the perfect tree in a timeless moment by the pond.

Thanksgiving Memory: November 25, 2018

Sixty years ago, my father captured this timeless moment of Mom at the stove in our new kitchen.

Moon Rising: November 18, 2018


Wisps of stories linger on the moonlit field. Happy Thanksgiving!