Linda Wesner Art

Have you ever found a bundle of old letters or photos – yours or your family’s – and felt that tug of emotion between past and present? That is the feeling I try to create in my realistic colored pencil drawings, paintings, and quirky collages.

Winter Pause: January 16, 2022

We wait for the next blanket of snow in the depths of winter.

Snowdrift: January 9, 2022

We look for colors in white.

First Snow: January 2, 2022

The first snow always surprises with its blanket over the fields.

O Christmas Tree: December 25, 2021

Finding the perfect tree deep in the woods.

Short North Jazz: December 19, 2021

Sounds of the holiday on a snowy street corner.

South on High 3: December 12, 2021

New Short North painting at Marcia Evans Gallery.

Short North Winter: December 5, 2021

We imagine winters past on city streets.

North Woods Dawn: November 28, 2021

The North Woods wait for winter’s first snow.

Through the Woods: November 21, 2021

Over the river and through the woods, to gather round the table.

Muted Fields: November 14, 2021

Treetops as soft as clouds before the first snow.