Linda Wesner Art

Have you ever found a bundle of old letters or photos – yours or your family’s – and felt that tug of emotion between past and present? That is the feeling I try to create in my realistic colored pencil drawings, paintings, and quirky collages.

Old Friends: September 15, 2019

In our eyes, old friends are always young.

Evening Aspirations: September 8, 2019

We raise our gaze to the rising moon above the chapel’s spire.

Walking Into the Light: September 1, 2019

As the days shorten, we reach for the sunlight on the path.

Summer Fades to Autumn: August 25, 2019

We notice summer blossoms fading to autumn in the flower garden.

Summer to Fall: August 18, 2019

Do you see the leaves of spent summer on the path now?

Remembered House: August 11, 2019

A farm house, solitary and silent, remembered in a painting.

Between Sky and Water: August 4, 2019

Our hearts sail along a sudden breeze in mid-summer.

Road Not Taken: July 28, 2019

We ponder two roads, one smooth, the other rough.

From Field to Table: July 21, 2019

We taste and feel the sun as we dine under the July sky.

Short North Summer: July 14, 2019

Riding bikes and eating outside in the summer sun.